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About Us

High-end Skincare, Affordable for All

YouthLab is an innovative beauty brand striving to offer the very best skincare tools, at prices you can afford. After growing tired of seeing products grossly over priced, we decided to start a company where you can find high-end skincare tools that don’t break the bank. You no longer have to be a celebrity to have access to the best anti-aging technology out there. With just a few minutes of extra care a day, you too, can achieve that healthy, dazzling glow you get from a professional-grade beauty spa. All in the comfort of your own home! Backed by science and ancient beauty techniques, YouthLab tools will be the best preventative and restorative investment you can make for your skin. Get ready to discover your skin’s true potential! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the germanium stones on my roller real "stones"?

Germanium is very fragile, so is therefore broken down into a powder form and then infused into ABS material, so you can enjoy its amazing detoxifying effects.

can i put my rollers in the freezer?

We don't recommend it. A regular refrigerator or beauty fridge works best. The roller is quite cold on it's own, so you may find that it doesn't need any refrigeration at all!

Does prosculpt provide microcurrent?

No, ProSculpt provides high frequency vibration, heat and red LED Light. You can customize your massage to exclude any of these.

what is the wavelength of the red LED light in ProSculpt Gua Sha?

The wavelength is 630 nm.

I inserted a AA Battery into my Revolution Roller, but it's not working properly. why?

A common mistake is to insert the battery in the wrong direction. Make sure your battery is inserted with the "+" polarity facing outwards towards the power button.

I'm pressing the power button, but my tool won't turn on....

Try a long hold down press if your tool isn't turning on. Some tools turn on with a quick press and some with a long hold down press.